Thank you for selecting the Savoy Opera House (tucson wedding venue) for your event. The following is a list of our standard terms & conditions for Banquets, Receptions & Private Events.


A deposit of one thousand dollars ($1000) will be required to secure the Savoy Opera House for a specific date and time. This deposit will be applied to the final balance. This deposit does not guarantee prices or available services. Fifty percent (50%) of the deposit is refundable if the event date is changed or cancelled in writing ninety (90) days prior to the event date. If the event is cancelled within ninety (90) days of the event, the deposit is forfeited.


Events have a five (5) hour time limit. Time begins when the guests enter the building or the scheduled arrival time of your event, whichever comes first. If more time is required, each additional hour will be charged at the rate of three hundred dollars ($300) per hour plus tax and service charge.


The Savoy Opera House requires the guaranteed number of guests ten (10) days prior to the event date. Once the guarantee has been given, it is possible to increase the number by five percent (5%) up to 72 hours before the event. If the guaranteed number changes more than five percent (5%) or less than 72 hours before the event, an additional twenty five percent (25%) of the item price will be added to each additional item ordered (if it is possible to accommodate the increase). The number cannot be decreased once the guarantee has been given. If less than the guaranteed number of guests attend the event, the Host will be charged for the final guaranteed number of guests.


Final payment is due ten (10) days before the event. Additional charges that might arise prior to the event or during it will be due no later than the end of the event.


All food and beverage is to be provided and served by the Savoy Opera House. The only exceptions will be wedding cakes and/or food or beverages from an outside vendor prepared for guests with special dietary concerns. These exceptions must have prior approval from the Management. No outside alcohol will be permitted on the grounds. The Management reserves the right to halt any and all liquor sales and service if outside liquor, beer, or wine are brought onto the premises, or if minors attempt to purchase or consume alcohol on the premises. The sale of alcohol will cease one half hour prior to the scheduled end of the event. No refund shall be given on alcoholic purchases if Management deems necessary to end the sale of said beverages.


The Savoy Opera House accepts no responsibility for any and all decorations brought into or stored within the facility. Any and all candles must be covered if they are to be lit. The use of nails, staples, tapes or strong adhesives are prohibited. The client may use delicate surface tape on wood surfaces only. No items are to be attached in any way, shape, or form to the wallpaper. The use of glitter, confetti or similar items is prohibited. The client will be charged for any and all damages or additional cleaning fees.


The Savoy Opera House reserves the right to charge the client for any and all damage done to the building and/or property of the Savoy Opera House which is deemed beyond “normal wear and tear.” The client will also be charged $75.00 per centerpiece for any Savoy Opera House centerpieces that are damaged or removed from the property.


The Savoy Opera House accepts no responsibility for any and all decorations brought into or stored in the gazebo. The price of $150.00 dollars covers the rental of the gazebo for 3 hours. The Savoy Opera House only provides the gazebo anything else needed will be provided by the client e.g. chairs and decorations.

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